S2 E7- The Chirp With Daren Millard ft Kaleb Dahlgren


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On episode #36 on the Chirp with Daren Millard, Daren welcomes Kaleb Dahlgren. Kalebs’ story involves a horrible tragedy that claimed 16 lives. Kaleb was on the Humbolt Broncos bus that was split in half by a tractor-trailer. Kaleb explains skating for the first time following the accident and the three chapters of Kaleb. Kaleb recalls the chilling details of what he remembers before and after the accident, his parents being on the scene, visiting the crash site, what he left there for his fallen teammates, and his overall positive outlook on life. We close with being a student-athlete, his brain injury, the possibility/danger of playing again, being mature beyond his years, going back to school, and his sentimental tattoo.

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