#7 The Chirp With Daren Millard Ft Justin Williams&Ethan Moreau


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Ep 7 Mr. Game 7 Justin Williams and longtime Oiler and former Edmonton captain Ethan Moreau. We're calling this a 2006 Stanley Cup Final reunion. Williams talks about returning to Carolina where he now plays for a coach who captained his Hurricanes to the Stanley Cup all those years ago. Who has final say on the Storm Surge In-arena post-game victory celebrations and who has veto power. Ethan reflects on breaking in with a Chicago team full of dominant personalities. HIs trip to that 2006 Final and the nerves of playing in a Game seven scenario. Oilers fans, this former captain is also asked what advice he would offer current captain Connor McDavid. The answer is an honest, no BS, suggestion. Enjoy Don't forget to rate, review, like and subscribe on DeanBlundell.com, iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

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