Dave Grohl, Dom’s Nudist Holidays & Who Are You #270


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Holy smokes! Is it that time of the week already? Time for another Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Podcast! And this week was an absolute belter. First up, rock god and all round legend DAVE GROHL caught up with Chris about the brand new Foo Fighter’s album Medicine At Midnight. He talked us through the new sounds the band has experimented with during lockdown and how he’s been making copious amounts of lasagne. Second up, the team made an amazing discovery this week two. When asked where his favourite holiday destination was - Cap d’Agde - Dom discovered it was also the nudist capital of France! (and possibly the world). We found some amazing reviews of this destination and quizzed Dom all the best spots to visit. Plus, we were in the company of another Who Are You Guest and Pippa’s Weekend Round Up Quiz to keep you entertained. Fun! And if that wasn’t enough, here’s more… Popmasters Music Arrangement Game Fart-ic Monkeys Enjoy! The Chris Moyles Show on Radio X Weekdays 6:30-10am

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