Switch to Chromebook ads, Stadia Connect coming soon & Chrome OS 76


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This week on The Chrome Cast, we take a bit of time to talk through the new Chromebook ads Google has released in the past week. With great production value, concise points, and a clear message, these ads are being backed up by a whole new Chromebooks landing page as well as a special spot by Bill Nye.

We also chat about the upcoming Stadia Connect that is slated for this upcoming Monday and what we expect to see at that event. With Gamescom happening in the days following Stadia Connect, we’re equally excited about more press members getting hands-on time with Stadia from the Germany-based gaming conference.

Finally, we take a deep dive into Chrome OS 76 and talk through all the new features on offer from Chrome OS in one of the larger feature updates we’ve seen in quite some time. Enjoy!


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