Pixel 4a's arrival, lower price and some Lenovo Chromebook Duet thoughts


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On this week’s episode of The Chrome Cast, we set out to cover quite a few items that were pretty disconnected at the outset. Instead, we talked for quite some time about gaming on phones and then a particular, upcoming phone in a more detailed and specific way. The Pixel 4a has been rumored and leaked as much as we can expect, so it’s time for it to just get here already. There’s now an arrival date suspected and additionally, a bit of fresh rumor that it will be cheaper than initially expected and doubled-up on the storage, too.

The second half of the show revolves around the Lenovo Chromebook Duet and its interesting storyline surrounding the inability to extend the display in the way you would expect from a Chromebook. This current deficiency leads to all sorts of thoughts about this device that delivers in so many other key ways.


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