Episode 2: A Necessary Alliance


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"From the moment I felt the sharp burn of hot metal piercing through my belly, I suddenly knew who we were dealing with. Pirates. The lowest of the low. Scourge of the High Seas. And thus began an encounter with scoundrels I had hoped to never report in these pages."
-Feste's adventure log
Join us for another FUN-ASS episode of our new campaign, The Sands of Time, in which the Jade Frogs stumble out of the forest to the Western shore, where they discover they're sharing the beach with some highly suspicious characters. Before they know it, the Frogs stumble upon one of the great *treasures* of life along with a perfect method of transport to Tuskan--except as it turns out, the only one can pilot it is a mysterious new ally whom not everyone is willing to trust. Also featured: a guest appearance of a bizarre little monk named Djirk Djengus from Elseweyr (Or is it Forest Hill?); teenage half-orc ruffians; and a hidden *literal* fire-arm.

Robbie Grant as KALARK; Daniel Fishbayn as FESTE; Andrew Luba as JUNO; Abe Herst as DAIN; Ben Mayer-Goodman as DJIRK; Simon Foster as DUNGEON MASTER
Hope you enjoy, many more episodes to come!

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