Episode 5 - A Horse Of Another Celestial Plane


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After last week's cliffhanger ending, we rejoin our heroes at the final stage of the Jade Trials, where they must unexpectedly set aside their weapons in order to pull off a uniquely Jade Frog-ish musical performance. Having finally proven themselves to be the true and living Jade Frogs of Yore, the adventurers are treated to a heroes' welcome (back) in Phandelin. Right away, beyond all expectations, their old friend Nundro proves to be a loyal trustee of the Frogs' mining fortune, tiding them over to the tune of 26-thousand gold pieces (Cha-ching!). Their pockets lined and hearts emboldened, the Frogs continue along the High Road in the hopes of finally clearing up the mysterious blockage and appeasing Chief Buldur (who says trade disputes have to be boring?), only to be confronted by yet another friendly face--or rather, muzzle--who quickly presents them with an ethical dilemma as well as an interdimensional offer they can't refuse. Hold on to your hoods, everyone: the Frogs may be about to leap through the Sands of Time one more time.
Featuring: Robbie Grant as KALARK; Daniel Fishbayn as FESTE; Andrew Luba as JUNO; Abe Herst as DAIN; Ben Mayer-Goodman as GRUMSKILL; Simon Foster as DUNGEON MASTER.
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