Episode 7: Wormhole


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IN THIS EPISODE: Having reached the Citadel Tower and heard a strange prophecy from their old friend Svendel Appelbee, the Frogs have decided to head Southeast in the hopes of somehow bringing an end to the war between Barodias and Arkosia--neighbouring states of tiefling and dragonborn, respectively. After a day spent wandering the various floors of the Citadel, making some surprising discoveries therein, the Frogs begin the long desert journey toward Quall, a trade city believed to be providing weapons and supplies to both of the warring nations. Midway through the sands, however, the Frogs encounter an unusual hole in the ground--and prepare to face a monstrous foe unlike any they have seen before.

Featuring: Abe Herst as DAIN; Robbie Grant as KALARK; Daniel Fishbayn as FESTE; Andrew Luba as JUNO; Ben Mayer-Goodman as GRUMSKILL; and Simon Foster as DUNGEON MASTER.

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