Episode 102 - What's your vector, Victor? HATCHET (2006)


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It's SUMMER SLAYCATION time, and we're kicking things off with a modern slasher series that's a true fan favorite. That's right, it's HATCHET time! Adam Greene's love letter to the slasher genre has the three Bs and some of the best kills in recent memory!

In our FIRST CHOP, Tim braves the Nazi-infested waters of SHOCK WAVES (1977)! We'll also cover some terrifying PC games, talk CHILD'S PLAY remake, discuss some cool NECA and board game news, and even reveal a new Halloween Horror Nights house!

Then Brian has a trip report from his fantastic vacation to STAR WARS: GALAXY'S EDGE! It's not horror, but hey - it's STAR WARS!

And don't let this week's lack of DISCMEMBERMENT get you down, as there were no horror titles released this week. Your wallet is safe! We've got something better in store, however - a surprise interview with good friend of the show JIMMY DEMPSTER! Jimmy's starred in numerous action and horror films, including the blockbuster short BOX. We welcome him back to talk about his brand new project!

Then it's time to talk all things HATCHET! We're covering the first film today and the sequels next week. So grab a beer and join us in the swamp as we search for what makes Victory Crowley tick. It's a can't miss episode of CIVIL GORE!

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