Episode 120 - Discussing MARLA with Lisa Van Dam-Bates!


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We've got a packed episode this week as we discuss the new film MARLA from writer/director Lisa Van Dam-Bates!

But first, Tim disappears from our FIRST CHOP with THE VANISHING (1988). We also check out ERASERHEAD and HOUSE from 1977, then go way back with I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE and THE LEOPARD MAN from 1943! Brian enters THE POOL (2018) and tell us what he thought of MIDSOMMAR!

We'll also wrap our our 3rd annual CIVIL GORE HORROR MOVIE CHALLENGE with some discussion on some of our favorite (and least favorite films) we watched this October. Special thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge. It was a blast and we'll definitely do it again next year!

Our DISCMEMBERMENT features an eclectic collection of discs that you'll want to check out. The post-Halloween Blu-ray slump may already be over!

Then we sit down with a discussion with LISA VAN DAM-BATES, writer, director, and star of new horror film MARLA. She'll tell us about the challenges of making a film and what inspired this frightening tale.

You can check out more from Lisa at:

Instagram: @lisa.vandambates

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marlamaethemovie/

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