1.21.20 Natural gas prices plummet; Restore faith in Capitalism; Hottest job markets


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In some states people are able to shop their natural gas service. Regardless of state, know that natural gas prices have collapsed. Projections are this will be a mild winter, with an oversupply of natural gas available. The price at wholesale has collapsed to now 1/8th of what it was just 15 years ago. Other than electronics, prices tend to move up over time. But energy has gone way down. If you live in a state where you can negotiate, this is a time to shop the market. With prices this low, lock in for 2 years if allowed. In states with no choice, the good news is that generally wholesale costs are passed on to consumers. Overall, energy prices have steadily gone down, making the case for deregulation. Many states are under a corrupt process wherein politicians decide who will provide electricity and what they charge. Better to emulate the free market system used in Texas, creating very low energy costs as the market provides the most efficient energy available. In the case of Texas, overwhelmingly it’s wind power. In D.C - hot air.

A new survey reveals a basic distrust of capitalism has taken hold among Americans. Public-relations firm Edelman conducted its 20th annual analysis of public trust in major institutions, surveying 34,000 people in 27 countries and Hong Kong. Here we are in the midst of a long economic expansion begun in 2012, yet the majority surveyed no longer believe in capitalism. Americans are down on the free enterprise system. No one was ever punished for the banking scandals of last decade. Income inequality also undermines faith in the system. But becoming a socialist paradise doesn’t tend to play out well over time. We need to improve how capitalism works in the U.S. We have much to fix. The reality is nothing in human history has ever worked as well as giving people the opportunity to create new ideas, products or services people want to buy, creating greater wealth for both society and those individuals.

If you’re willing to move, you can benefit from job opportunities across the nation. Economic opportunities abound in other cities and states for people of all sorts of different work backgrounds.

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