2.21.20 How to live longer and healthier; Clark Stinks


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Harvard University researchers began a health study in 1980. Time Magazines reports subject lifestyle factors were tracked for 40 years. Healthy lifestyle factors include no smoking, no excessive alcohol, regular exercise, healthy weight and a low-fat, plant-based diet. Findings indicate those who practiced 4 out of these 5 healthy lifestyle choices enjoyed more disease-free years - After age 50, 10 more years for women, 8 more for men. Women's lifespans increased by 14 years, men's by 12. So both quality and quantity of life are enhanced with healthy lifestyles. Diabetes, heart disease and cancer were the areas of risk examined. CA HMO Kaiser Permanente has been testing Samsung heart monitoring watches. Among the 4,000 distributed so far, KP finds that after a year of monitoring, the readmission rate for program members is much improved over non users. Those without monitors were 5 to 8 times more likely to have a recurrence of heart trouble. This monitoring program is set to expand.

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