The Best Way To Prioritize Your Big Goals


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A huge work project. My brother getting married. My daughter’s last summer before Kindergarten. A baby. Making it to the gym 2-3 times per week.

Lesson 1: Break it into sections/deadlines

Asana. Brainstorm all of the tasks that need to be done by July 10th. And then all the tasks that need to redone by July 31st. And then when I get home, all the tasks before Sep 26th which is when we re-open to our waitlist.

Lesson 2: Set deadlines for tasks in your project.

What is a priority. By calendar view. I set up projects in Asana. So each project has a calendar and due dates. Then every week when I do my planner, I review what needs to get done that week and what I have gotten done the past week. I

Lesson 3: Only work on one thing at a time.

You must. Don’t go to the next thing until your main important task is done. So I set 3 priorities per week. So for me for workbooks, I didn’t got o the next task until I got all of the workbooks done.

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