Episode 151: WDx #6 – VMR: Abdominal pain


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Dr. Amara Finch presents a case of abdominal pain at VMR to Maani, Maria, Anna and Smitha.

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Dr. Amara Finch

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Amara spent time in Massachusetts, Vermont, British Columbia, Connecticut and Colorado before returning to the vibrant ATL for medical school. She is now an intern in the Med-Peds program at the University of Arizona in Phoenix. She is passionate about better understanding the relationship between early life exposures and lifelong health as a means to improve preventive medicine for kiddos, re-imagine our approach to adult disease, and disrupt intergenerational cycles of health inequity. Outside of the hospital you can find her hiking, biking, writing, and working on her collection of fermented foods including kimchi and hot sauce.

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