Episode 160: Neurology VMR: Hiccups + vertigo


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We continue our mission to #EndNeurophobia with an episode of Neurology VMR with Dr. Aaron Berkowitz

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Dhruv Srinivasachar

Dhruv Srinivasachar is a 4th year medical student at Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine (the Medical College of Virginia for all the veteran attendings out there). Introduced to medicine through research, Dhruv has shifted his passions to empathetic clinical care and medical education, as a contributor to the CPSolvers (especially through VMR as a case presenter, discussant, and compiler of cases) and team member for the Not Just Little Adults podcast (CPedsSolvers, if you will). When he’s not interviewing for Med-Peds residency, he can be found biking around Richmond, VA, gardening, and cooking.

Elena Vasti

Elena Vasti is a second-year resident at Stanford in the Department of Internal Medicine. She attended UC Davis to study Human Development and Exercise Biology and went on to UCLA Fielding School of Public Health to complete an MPH in Epidemiology and Community Health Sciences. She decided to switch careers to pursue clinical medicine and matriculated at UCSF School of Medicine in 2015. She enjoys running every day, analyzing movie trailers and both listening to and joining the CPSolvers any chance she gets! She plans to pursue a career in academic cardiology.

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