Evolution of Public Cloud Integrators


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Description: Aaron and Brian talk with Jeff Aden (@aden_jeff, Founder/EVP at @2ndWatch) about the evolution of 2ndWatch as a Cloud Integrator as AWS has grown and shifted their focus from startups to Enterprise customers.

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Show Notes:

Topic 1 - Welcome to the show Jeff. Tell us about your background, the founding of 2nd Watch, and how the company has evolved over the last few years.

Topic 2 - We got to know 2nd Watch at one of the first re:Invent shows, as they had one of the largest booths on the floor. At the time, they were listed as one of AWS’s best partners. Today, 2ndWatch provides management tools, migration tools, systems-integration capabilities. How does 2ndWatch think of themselves?

Topic 3 - What are the concerns of your customers today, and how does 2ndWatch think about matching customer demands and the types of tools/services/capabilities that you provide today?

Topic 4 - We’d like to pick your brain about the usage and insights you’re seeing from your customers usage of AWS. It’s mentioned that 100% are using DynamoDB, 53% are using Elastic Kubernetes, and are fast growing section are using things likes Athena, Glue and Sagemaker. What are some of the types of applications that you’re seeing customer build that leverage these new models?

Topic 5 - With technologies like Outpost being announced, after so many years of AWS saying “Cloud or legacy Data Center”, how do you see this impacting the thought process of customers or potential customers?


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