Focusing Apps only on Business Value


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DESCRIPTION: Aaron and Brian kick off "Four for Four Hundred" by discussing the massive evolutions of the industry over the last 8 years. Then Brian talks with Joe Emison (@JoeEmison, Co-Founder/CTO at Branch Insurance) about the next generation of serverless technologies to help develop applications, focusing only on creating business value, communicating this new approach to engineers, and leveraging technology to take on big markets.




Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. It’s been way too long. Tell us about your new company and some of the things you’ve been working on.

Topic 2 - The last time you were on it was the earlier days of serverless. Since then, you’d stayed active around serverless, but have been vocal about how the space has evolved. Where has your experience taken you over the past couple of years?

Topic 3 - You talk (and write) a lot about only focusing on building business value. That’s a hard concept for some technologists to grasp, as they always believe there is some amount of technical debt to own. How do you communicate your perspective on this to people?

Topic 4 - The last time you were on, we talked about thick clients and Netlify and some things that were new to us. What are some of the tools/services you really like these days?

Topic 5 - You’re trying to re-establish the home and auto insurance bundling business. There are big names in this space. How does your technology philosophy allow a small startup to compete against very well established (and funded companies)?


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