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Overview: Aaron and Brian talk with Kurt Schrader (@kurt, Founder/CEO of @Clubhouse) and Mitch Wainer (@MitchWainer, CMO of @Clubhouse) about the evolution of project management for software development teams.

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Topic 1 - Welcome to the show, both us you. Give us a little bit of your backgrounds, and how you got together to start Clubhouse.

Topic 2 - Tell us about the Clubhouse platform. It’s focused on helping companies build software more rapidly and with better collaboration. What was broken about software development before Clubhouse came along?

Topic 3 - Both of your have been involved in software development for many years. We love talking to founders that have a built a product that they need/want to use. What were some of your moments that convinced you that it was time to build something new vs. being frustrated with what existed?

Topic 4 - Let’s talk about the Clubhouse platform. What makes it unique, and what are some of the benefits of bringing together things like Stories, Project Metrics, Kanbana boards, integrated Collaboration into a single platform vs. many tools.

Topic 5 - The Enterprise version of Clubhouse just shipped. The company already has more than 1000 active customers. What have you learned from them that helped shape the Enterprise product?

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