The Cloudcast #351 - Reviewing DockerCon 2018


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Brian talks with Kendrick “Kenny” Coleman (@kendrickcoleman) about DockerCon 2018 - the announcements, the overall vibe of the event, and how the community is evolving around the event.
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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. First off, before we get into DockerCon, give us an update on Bourbon Pursuit.
  • Topic 2 - Many years ago, when you first came on the show, you were attending one of the first Cloud Foundry Summits, so I guess you’re sort of becoming one of our official Cloudcast event correspondents. Give us an overview of DockerCon 2018 in San Francisco.
  • Topic 3 - Last year (in the US) it was all about “Moby”. Then in Europe it was beginning to be about Kubernetes. This year it seemed to be, as Darren Sheppard (@ibuildthecloud, Rancher CTO) put it “an enterprise sales pitch”. Obviously a lot has changed with Ben Golub and Solomon Hykes leaving Docker.
  • Topic 4 - What were some of the technologies or talks that interested you this week?
  • Topic 5 - Docker has always tried to be the “Apple” of containers - focused on simplicity, clean design. Did you hear any feedback from attendees about how they are accepting the shift to Kubernetes, or other changes they are making?

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