The Cloudcast #361 - Single Pane of Glass at USA Today


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Brian talks with Bridget Lane (@bridgetnomnom; Software Developer, Gannett & USA TODAY) about how USA Today | Gannett has transformed their internal teams over the past 3 years to be more agile and able to deliver software faster to support 100s of publications. We also discuss career evolution and advice to anyone wanting to quickly advance their skills.
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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us about yourself and some of the things you’re working on at Gannett | USA Today.
  • Topic 2 - You’re still very young, but yet you’re working on API Management, complex automation, CDNs, containers, CI/CD pipelines. How did you gain experience in so many areas so quickly?
  • Topic 3 - You’re talking about how USA Today has been evolving to break down organizational silos and adopt new technologies to make the team more efficient. Can you walk us through some of that evolution?
  • Topic 4 - What does a day-in-the-life or a week-in-the-life of an environment like USA Today look like, with constantly new content, crazy deadlines, demand for 24x7x365 availability, etc.?
  • Topic 5 - What have been some of the lessons learned over this transformation - good lessons, mistakes, things that might be applicable to any company?
  • Topic 6 - The transformation is both organizational/cultural and technology? What technologies tended to give you the biggest improvement or new advantage?

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