The Cloudcast #363 - IoT and APIs


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Aaron talks with Stuart Mitchell (@mokanix_api, CEO of Mokanix) about emerging trends in the IoT transport layer and the intersection of IoT and APIs.
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Show Notes
  • Topic 1 - Stuart, tell the listeners a little about yourself and your background
  • Topic 2 - With your background in telco and specifically Tata Communications, how did you develop your interest in IoT as the “next big thing”?
  • Topic 3 - Your company is called mokanix. It appears to have a different take on many other IoT guests we’ve had in that it has a focus on the intersection of SIM cards and APIs. Help folks that aren’t familiar with the basics of that need understand the problem.
  • Topic 4 - Would customers embed your API into their existing apps? How would this typically be implemented?
  • Topic 5 - Why would someone choose SIM technology over other tech for the transport layer
  • Topic 6 - How is security handled by the product? Can you lock out a card for instance if it is lost?

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