Episode 59: Stuart Armstrong Talks about Skill and How Coaches Can Develop It


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This week, The Coaching Journey Podcast is excited to welcome Stuart Armstrong on the show! Stuart is the Head of Coaching at Sport England as well as the Founder of Talent Equation and the Host of the Talent Equation Podcast! We discuss Stuart's background and the event that led him to rethink and reshape his coaching philosophy. We talk about what "skill" means and the best way to go about helping develop it within players, as well as the nuance required when talking about youth development practices. Stuart talks about "drills," and why he says we should get rid of them. Looking at research and academic literature, we explore how coaches should complement their personal experience with the scientific literature to guide their session design and overall coaching philosophy. It's a great discussion tackling various, overarching topics that all coaches will think about! Be sure to follow Stuart on Twitter: @stu_arm and visit the Talent Equation website, where you can listen to the podcast and find more resources, here!

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