32. WWE President & Former CAA Co-Head of Television Nick Khan on the Business of Media


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On this episode of The Colin Cowherd Podcast, Colin is joined by WWE President - and former CAA Co-Head of Television - Nick Khan, who discusses how waiting tables taught him valuable lessons about being an agent and business (6:00), why he doesn't take contentious negotiations personally (10:00), how his relationship with boxing trainer Freddie Roach jumpstarted his career as a sports agent (12:00), his take on the new NFL media deal (19:00), if the Amazons and Apples will inevitably takeover major TV networks (24:00). He also explains how the WWE continues to find their next big stars (31:00), how long it takes to determine if a wrestler has star power or not (35:00), what it's like to work closely with Vince McMahon on a daily basis (39:00), what it's like to plan an event on the scale of WrestleMania 37 (45:00), where he expects to see the WWE product grow internationally (50:00),

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