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Kristin Key
Kristin Key

Hello and welcome back to The Comedy Cast; today you’ll be hearing from American stand-up comedian Kristin Key.

We start off in unusual fashion, Kristin was doing her US Tax Returns, so I wanted to know more about American taxes and how comedians are taxed there. All I know about the American tax system comes from a certain Simpsons episode.

Kristin describes herself as the lovechild of Ellen and Jane Lynch, so we addressed that and get it out of the way. It’s a classic joke comedians use, to address everyone sees and make light of it.

Kristin talks about how to deal with the most hurtful type of constructive criticism; that from other comedians.

We speak about where Kristin was raised in America, a place with a great name Aurora, a place with a misleading name, Liberal and Amarillo, yes, that Amarillo.

We spoke about Kristin’s experiences growing up the daughter of a religious preacher; especially if she had to be nice to all the kids of the losers that helps out at Church.

We get chat about ‘clean comedy’ then and Kristin mentions the two schools of thought for comedians starting out, say what you want and go straight to the stop and swear as much as you like, or have separate clean and not clean sets for different audiences

We speak about Last Comic Standing, how and why she became involved in the hugely successful NBC reality show about comedians and any behind-the-scenes stuff that she could reveal. Kristin finished 6th in the show so we spoke about the benefits of having appeared on it, more gigs and more interest and how it opened loads of new doors for her.

Kristin uses a lot of music in her sets so we got speaking about comedy music albums and she reveals some great news on the subject. In 2013, Kristen was in a bad car crash and led to her taking more risks on stage and being more personal with her sets, so we speak about that.

We get talking then about being gay and married in Trump’s America.

Finally then we get nerdy on how Kristen works on her sets and what her writing process looks like.

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