Episode 109 – Kurt Busiek’s Astro City: Life in the Big City


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Comic book worlds don’t come any more vividly imagined or painstakingly detailed than Astro City. The metropolis that gives this anthology series its title isn’t all that different from the one outside your window—you know, except for all the high-flying heroes, insectoid invaders and mystical menaces that share the sidewalk with everyday citizens like you. Life in the Big City, collecting the first six issues of this long-running series, allows the reader to imagine what it would be like to live in a world of magic and wonder.

Will the super-powered Samaritan ever be able to slow down long enough to enjoy life, or go on a date? Can a young woman from the ethnic neighborhood of Shadow Hill trade her talismans and traditions for those of the city’s bustling downtown? Is the boorish Crackerjack really all that stands between Earth and an alien assault?

And can these stories move on up to that shining city on a hill known as … The Comics Canon?

In This Episode!

  • The ethics of Samaritan’s fact-checking gig
  • Why are there so many bank robberies in superhero comics?
  • The Bouncing Beatnik’s most impressive power
  • Curt’s favorite character
  • Chekhov’s First Family Brooch
  • Where’s our Astro City TV series?
  • Astro City: Confessions
  • Kids Love Batman
  • Astro City Vol. 3, issues 39 & 40

Join us in two weeks as we explore the world of Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, discussing select stories from Concrete Vol. 1: Depths!

Until then:

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