How to Connect with New Playgroups I #309


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On this very special episode, MTG personalities and cosplayers Ashlen Rose, Sydney "TappyToeClaws" Staffel and Olivia Gobert-Hicks (also a member of the Commander Advisory Group) take over hosting duties to discuss strategies and best practices when you're venturing outside your playgroup.

Whether you're joining an existing group of friends, have someone new coming to your place for Commander night, or slinging spells with complete strangers at a live event; these gals have the advice and experience to help you communicate and connect with the other players so everyone can have a great time.


Where to find our guest online:

Olivia Gobert-Hicks:

Twitter: @goberthicks

Instagram: @goberthicks


Sydney Staffel (aka Tappy Toe Claws):

Twitter: @TappyToeClaws

Instagram: @tappytoeclaws


Ashlen Rose:

Twitter: @AshlenRose

Instagram: @RawrItsAshlen



What we talked about on THE END STEP:

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