Nice Guys Finish...Fast!


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"Nice guys always finish last!" That's the old adage that many men have taken seriously...maybe a bit TOO seriously. Late in the 90's, on an knock-off Jenny Jones show, 2 chauvinists and a nice guy square off with an audience full of women. TCB has the footage...and they're ready to break it down!

  • TCB is suffering from randomized content
  • The Menu is a new movie taking place behind the scenes of a restaurant
  • The Anthony Bourdain documentary shines light on his tortured genius
  • Most chefs are artists...crazy, talented artists
  • Bad tippers are the absolute worst
  • Rehab is for quitters! (Unless you need it)
  • 2 idiots and a man take on a studio full of women!
  • One man believes he has it worse than everyone
  • Jenny Jones knock-off shows were everywhere in the late 90's


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