Summer Enrichment 1: Improv to Increase Engagement, Retention and Fun with Aviva Levin


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Our first summer enrichment episode is full of fun and improv... in more ways than one! Learn how to engage and motivate your students, regardless of academic or language abilities, in an incredibly fun way! Take notes as Aviva shares invaluable tips on bringing impov into your classroom (yes, this can be done virtually as well, connect with her personally to discover how to make it work for your students!)
Aviva Levin is passionate about incorporating improv into all subject matters, but she could happily spend hours discussing every aspects of education, which she does on her weekly podcast “Lesson: Impossible – An Exploration of Educational Innovation”. A French and Social Studies teacher in British Columbia for ten years, she is now a podcaster, enthusiastic volunteer, and grad student in Washington.
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