Summer Enrichment 2: Using Creativity to Unmask Potential with Dr. De Vida Gill


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We continue our summer enrichment series with Dr. De Vida Gill who shares wonderful insights on how to unmask your students creativity as well as your own. Our conversation can help you to engage students in a new way and gain powerful tips for how to use forms of expression during "character-building" days.
Dr. De Vida Gill has over 25 years of personal, professional, and program development experience and training working with nonprofits, for profits, school, community, and government entities. As an Author, Speaker, Educator, Transformational Life Coach/Strategist, and Founder/CEO of Mahogany Vida Unlimited, LLC she has touched numerous lives from children to adults by creating opportunities to embrace and celebrate their authentic selves integrating arts & entertainment, mental health, and education. With a background in the performing arts, she has incorporated her creative talent into her daily work whether developing programs, facilitating trainings, or working with clients. Currently she is a Mental Health Specialist for local high schools and provides therapy and coaching services in her private practice.

Some of Dr. Gill’s current interests include: STEAM Education, cultural organizational changes to support modern learners, leadership effectiveness, team Development, and applying the Cognitive Behavioral Model and Johari Window to art enthusiasts.

Dr. Gill received her Doctorate of Education from Pepperdine University, Masters from the University of Southern California, and Bachelors from CSU Dominguez Hills. For more information visit She may also be reached at (949) 682-2092 or
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