[BIZ 30] Letting go to make room for more


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No one around me could understand why I would let go of high paying clients. It was easy money. Almost $1,000 per month for a measly 8 hours of my time. What other 20-something do you know making $120/hour? I knew no one. They thought I was crazy to let go of this kind of money. To not just make the money, go home, shut up and be happy. Shouldn't I be grateful? Isn't this what being a business owner was all about? Making as much money as possible? But I knew something more. Something different. Something no one else had taught me so I had to learn for myself. I knew I had to let go of the money in order to make room for something more. Sure, the money was nice- but is that all there is to life? Make money at any cost, accept the misery, and just be OK with it? I do this in other areas of my life, too. Where can I let go of money so as to get my time and energy back? After all, time is our most important currency- it is non-renewable. And each day I spend my time doing something I don't truly want to do- what kind of life am I creating for myself? What things do I have to let go of in order to create the life I want to live? Creating a life by design sound crazy for some- and it takes the guts that entrepreneurs are made of in order to do so. What are you brave enough to let go of so as to make room for something more? Something better? The Confident Coach's Club is for you if you're ready to build a business by design by pairing strategy & soul. Ready? Get inside here.

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