#13 Handball, Hygge, Overcoming Sports Addiction & Orthorexia and Becoming Yoga Girl with Emilie Løvendorf


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Emilie Løvendorf is 23, lives in the city of Copenhagen and used to play handball in Denmarks National team. "Handbal Emilie" had a clear dream and that was to become the best player in the world! However life had other plans and due to physical reasons she had to give up her dream when she was 18. Emilie was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and experienced a lot of pain. She was devastated and felt lost and purposeless. She couldn't even be around other players and handball friends anymore and had to totally change her plans. This is when decided to work her butt off and travel. And so she did. She roamed the world, explorerend, connected and learned a lot until after some time she decided to go back to her homeland.

This episode tells the story and dives deeper into Emilie's struggles of coping with sports addiction and wanting to live extremely healthy (#orthorexia), losing your purpose & identity and flipping the script to become a Yoga Girl. It’s through yoga that Emilie was able to connect with herself again and find more balance in life.

Tune in to find more about Emilie's guilty pleasure, HUGGY (Danish Happiness), sexy body parts and much more.

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03.10 min The handball story
08.43 min A secret revealed
15.00 min Sports addiction and orthorexia
31.40 min Human as Fuck Quiz
33.35 min Hygge explained
35.30 min A little guided meditation

Do you want to know more about Emilie and her weekly yoga classes in Copenhagen? Find her through Instagram: @emilieloevendorf

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