Shopify vs Amazon, Busting the Myth of Success, and the Right Way to Use Medium


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This week hosts Darrell and Tim teased a powerful new platform for content creators, current happenings in online marketing, and answer more of your questions.

Recent chatter in the world of content marketing includes the launch of ConvertKit’s upcoming ecommerce solution (ConvertKit Commerce), Shopify’s big play, why success isn’t linear, and the guys answered your question about how to use Medium for content marketing.

In this episode, Darrell and Tim also talked about:

  • Why ConvertKit’s latest tool will make life easier for digital marketers (and ruffle some competitor’s feathers)
  • Shopify’s plans to take on Amazon
  • How to build resiliency on the path to success
  • Why the journey is the destination
  • And the right way to use Medium to drive traffic

The Show Notes

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