The 'Awesomeness' Factor, a Renaissance for Curated Newsletters, and the Right Content Frequency


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Learn how to sign up for the waitlist to My.Copyblogger and a free content marketing workshop with Sonia Simone! This week hosts Darrell and Tim also nerd out on SEO, newsletters, the future of online marketing, and answer more of your questions.

Recent chatter in the world of content marketing includes why “awesomeness” is now a Google ranking factor, the bright future for content marketers, and the guys answered your question about how frequently to publish content to your blog.

In this episode, Darrell and Tim also talked about:

  • A teaser for the return of My.Copyblogger and …
  • The Key to Marketing or Selling Anything
  • Why building something of value for your audience is (still) so important
  • The power of curated newsletters for content marketers
  • And finding the sweet spots for your content, schedule, and promotion balance

The Show Notes

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