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Can I give you permission?

No, not like your mother giving your permission to go to the movies with your friends.

But as your coach, fitness expert and friend, I want to give you permission to take time to be with your body and heal your body.

I know it's not something you give yourself or even hear often, but I want to give it to you.

Because you can heal your body and live your life without guilt for taking the time for yourself.

That's why I wanted to invite Karen on the podcast because she has accepted this permission to take the time to fix her body. She is doing so through my Core Rehab program, our group coaching calls and learning from other women on the inside.

If you're ready for your whole body to go "aha" (her words not mine 😉), then join me on this journey to heal your body in my Core Rehab program. Otherwise, you can check out the show notes at

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