Intro to The COUTURE Podcast with Gannon Brousseau II


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As the implications of the COVID-19 situation became apparent, and we ultimately had to cancel our 2020 event, our resolve to keep this community connected, in whatever way we can, was only strengthened. While we’re definitely going to release our previously recorded episodes at some point, hopefully in the near future, we decided to move forward with capturing some voices remotely. We want to know how people in our community are faring during these difficult and uncertain times, where they’re putting their energies, and how the current situation is causing them to rely on their creativity now more than ever before. We sat down, remotely, with COUTURE’s director, Gannon Brousseau, to discuss why we’ve decided to move forward in this way, and highlight some of the positives that are coming out of the unprecedented times we’re all facing.

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