#10 Creative Burnout w/ Talise Burton


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A writer and creativity coach, Talise is teaching artists and creatives how to make their art and achieve their dreams. After her own journey with creative burnout she now helps other creatives not fall into the same traps that she has. With some incredible coaching offerings, Talise helps creatives unlock their full potential. I am so excited to have her as a guest to speak all about creative burnout, productivity, hustle culture and share with us some amazing tips to support our creative journeys.

In This Episode:

  • Talise's journey and what made her decide to be creativity coach
  • Talise's experiences with creative burnout and why creative burnout is such an overlooked issue
  • The number one things that creatives can do to avoid burnout
  • Hustle culture, productivity and rest
  • Hacks for creative blocks
  • The power of affirmations, and the do's and don'ts when it comes to using them
  • The importance of investing in your art and creativity

Plus so much more!

Episode Resources:

- Talise's Instagram

- The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

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