20. Trusting The Process vs. Bypassing When Your Art Isn't Working


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Trust in the process doesn’t mean bypassing feeling how shit it can be at times. The creative process is non linear, I talk about that a lot. But within that, something I have been seeing a bit lately is creatives who are going through a shit time - Be it life stuff or problems their facing in their creative business or just that their experience a creative block that they’re struggling to overcome - and not allowing themselves to sit in those emotions. Kinda of in the creative equivalent of spiritual bypassing.

We’re allowed to be human!! You don’t always have to put a positive spin on everything. You don’t always have to be sitting there repeating to yourself “it all happens for a reason” over and over. Because sometimes things are just straight up shit. You’re allowed to feel whatever might come up with that. You’re allowed to be angry, sad, frustrated, happy, or whatever else.

And I unpack all of this in this episode!

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