#3 Self Sabotage, Stories and Tales of the Comfort Zone


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Before we dive in, full disclaimer, I am not perfect. I am Human AF.

In this episode we're talking about all the things that I have been learning recently about self sabotage, the comfort zone and driving forces that can keep us on track and away from the rabbit hole of negative self-talk and sabotage. Self sabotage can have a serious impact on all we do and all we touch. And in the past I have let self sabotage hold me back, but over the past couple of years I have learnt so much that has seriously supported me and now I am sharing this with you!

In this episode:

3.15 - Fearing the judgement of others

4.00 - Are your relationships serving you? The beauty in having friends that energetically match you.

7.40 - Tales from the comfort zone.

9.07 - The signs of self sabotage.

11.06 - The one thing that has seriously shifted things for me, and the insane learnings I have gained through this.

14.30 - The two driving forces that keep me on track and quieten the negative self-talk and self-sabotage.

18.45 - The difference this has on finding inspiration.

22.43 - Some extra food for thought.


Tony Robbins

Brooke Solis

Katie Manser

P.S. slight language warning on this episode!

Thank you for being here and devoting this time. I appreciate it like you wouldn’t believe!

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