#5 The Fear of Failure


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In this episode we are diving into the topic of fearing failure. I explore how fear of failing can be so strong that we don't take the first step, how it can result in us "settling", and why success and failure are besties!

Failure has become a close friend of mine. I used to be so terrified to fail, so terrified that I often wouldn't even do the thing! But reality is that not trying is to fail before you begin, and ready is a lie. You wont ever feel 110% ready, you just have to have faith in the process and make the jump. Just jump, Universe, Source, God, will be there.

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***Language warning! I get a little passionate and slip a few F bombs, just so you know!

In This Episode:

2.05 - How fearing failure can sometimes mean that we don't even start!

4.28 - The number one thing you have to do every time you fail, and why.

5.25 - Why you can't be successful if you're paralysed by the fear of failure.

9.00 - What it's like to be doubted by loved ones who think that you won't ever make it.

11.25 - How handling frustration is a fundamental aspect of the work for any creative.

12.50 - How surrendering to the process is vital.

15.30 - How NLP and Hypnosis can support your journey.

17.38 - Why it's ok to fear failure.

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