Lauren Sapala on Being an INFJ Writer


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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Lauren Sapala, author, blogger, and writing coach. I’ve been following Lauren for quite some time now on the Intro-Twittersphere and have found her to be a fount of advice on writing, marketing your writing and doing it all as a highly sensitive, creative introvert. After reading her book Firefly Magic and absolutely loving it, I wanted to know more about her and how she writes.

What we discussed

How to stop forcing ourselves into social media boxes that don't fit us

How to drop the "rational" voice in our head that says marketing needs to look a certain way

The importance of boundaries on social media

How we can take the pressure to be perfect off

How to find your a Unique Spiritual Purpose

Links mentioned:

Firefly Magic by Lauren Sapala

The INFJ Writer by Lauren Sapala

The INFJ Revolution by Lauren Sapala

Connect with Lauren: Website Twitter Facebook


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