finding peace and making money through art with Liz Trans


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Multi-disciplinary artist, Liz Tran, makes joy for a living. Her art is big and colorful and full of play. It is about extroversion and experimentation and all the things that look like happiness. Art is where Liz escaped from anxiety and depression and found safety and freedom. Today Liz's work is all over the world. From Toronto to Miami, San Francisco to Iceland, her paintings and sculptures hang in galleries, museums, and the homes of private collectors.

Some things we talk about:

  • advice for starting an art career
  • anxiety, mental illness, and art
  • being a woman in a very male-dominated, often discriminatory, world
  • how to get unstuck when you’re knee-deep in stuck
  • hustle, persistence, and crafting your own career

May it inspire you to make your thing and change your world.

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