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when things were hard for anna as a child, and they often were, she disappeared into writing and reading. she left behind what was hard for a world that was hers. a world where she had power, voice, and words. a world where she made up the rules and created what she wanted.

that world was her salvation.

eventually anna turned that world into her livelihood. today anna is a writer, an editor and a creative entrepreneur. she teaches writing to women who want to share their stories and live fully self-expressed lives. her first book, “the creative doer: a brave woman’s guide from dreaming to doing” is for “female creators, activists, and magic makers.”

there is so much in this conversation. if you want to connect to your power and share your truth, this interview is for you.

some things we talk about:

  • the trial and error of sharing vulnerably
  • how to create safe spaces within the fear (so that you can do what you need to do despite being scared)
  • honoring your natural rhythm and creative cycle
  • getting back into your body (even when it doesn’t feel safe) and creating from your heart instead of your head
  • striving and what to do when it’s running (and ruining) your creative work

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