Don't Fit In, Rise Above: Harper Watters on being black, gay, and a soloist with the Houston Ballet


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Harper Watters is a soloist with the Houston Ballet - the fourth largest dance company in the United States.

Harper has stood out his whole life. His parents are white. He's gay. He's a ballet dancer. He doesn't fit.

When Harper was growing up, not fitting in was hard. People stared at him. He was scared of being bullied. But as cliché as it sounds, it was when Harper learned to use his differences, to embrace them, that he found serious success as a dancer. And as a person.

Some things we talk about:

  • the moment Harper realized he was gay
  • the video that went viral and catapulted his Instagram fame
  • what it means to be an influencer
  • going from small town great to big town nobody
  • finding his way to the dance world and making his way within it

May it inspire you to make your thing and change your world.

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