how to build your dream business from your heart with Susannah Conway


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Susannah Conway's business was born out of grief. When her partner died unexpectedly of a heart attack thirteen years ago, Susannah turned to photography and writing as a way through. Photography brought her into the present moment while writing helped her sort through the past ones. But eventually, her photography and writing turned into a thriving online business helping thousands of women around the world feel less alone and more alive. Today Susannah runs a six-figure business, taking pictures, writes, and teaches courses including The Sacred Alone, Your Daily Guidance, and Journal Your Life.

Some things we talk about:

  • how creativity carried her through her biggest loss and healed her broken heart
  • using language to change your reality and live into your biggest dreams
  • the beauty of being an introvert and the power of accepting yourself exactly as you are and
  • building a successful six-figure business from the heart one step at a time

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