How to find your YES when the world tells you NO - with interdisciplinary artists, Gabrielle Tesfaye


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heads up: this conversation was recorded in Thailand. There is a clicking sound in the background. That is a gecko.

Gabrielle Tesfaye has been making art forever. When she was little she knew she would be an artist. When she went to art school and people asked her what she planned to do with the rest of her life she simply replied, "make art." And that's what she does. All the time. Gabrielle has figured out how to devote one's life to doing exactly what one wants. In this conversation we talk about:

  • making art no matter how much, or how little, you have – time, money, resources
    -how to price your art
  • the pain of losing a child and the art that came out of it
  • how to never give up on yourself – no matter what the world tells you

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