on art, purpose, and creating what's true with Satsuki Shibuya, part 2


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Satsuki Shibuya is a painter, poet, and spiritual guide. She is also the first repeat guest on The Creativity Habit Podcast.

In this second conversation, we dive into the heart and mind of this spiritual thinker. We talk about love and purpose, flow and discipline, creativity and truth. It’s both profoundly spiritual and very practical.

Some things we talk about:

  • how to keep putting your most honest, creative self out into the world
  • Satsuki’s four-step creative process for hatching and launching any project
  • simple ways to know you’re moving in the right direction (and on the path of your purpose)
  • how to balance going with the flow with the practical aspects of building a business

Satsuki's work has appeared on book covers, in Kinfolk, on the set of Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, Tidying up with Marie Kondo, in galleries and private collections. But Satsuki’s true contribution is that she changes the world not because of what she does but because of who she is. Enjoy.

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