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we all get thrown off course. sometimes it’s the teacher who told us we weren’t any good. or the school that rejected our application. or the job we didn’t get. or the launch where no one bought. it’s different for everyone but everyone has some version of this story.

for araki it was when she was 16 and, after having devoted a childhood to making art, to loving art, she didn’t have the grades for art school. so she stopped. for ten years she didn’t make any art. she studied international business, traveled the world for exchange programs and internships, and worked for start ups and big companies.

until depression hit. until her eyes began to hurt and she had trouble focusing and she was tired more than she wasn’t. until the day she heard a voice, loud and clear, in the middle of a park that said to her, “go back to what you loved when you were younger.”

so she did.

for the last six years araki has devoted her life to her art. just as she did when she was younger. araki is an illustrator and a reiki healer. she no longer works for big corporations in international business, she makes art. and she lives art. choosing to follow whatever is next on this creative journey – despite the uncertainty and the doubt, this is her path. and it is what she loves.

some things we talk about:

  • leaving art for ten years at 16 to pursue something “more practical”
  • how depression changed her life and the message that started it all
  • signs of burnout
  • the power of wabi-sabi to create what is true
  • how to pursue what you love despite the fear, doubt, and uncertainty of it all

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