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laurie wagner is an expert on telling the truth. it’s the way she writes, teaches, and lives.

there was a time early on in laurie’s success when the success began taking precedence over the truth. what the market wanted became more important than what her heart wanted. so she quit.

she left the public writing world behind – the world of book deals and magazine articles – to find her own words. she turned to teaching as a way of making money while writing privately to discover what really mattered.

in laurie’s words: “as my other friends who were in journalism got more deeply into writing the kinds of stories their editors were giving them I was going off trail and writing the kinds of stories that meant something to me and that’s where I found myself.”

today laurie teaches wild writing through weekly workshops in her home and online. she takes people on writing retreats around the world and she teaches people how to be teachers of wild writing. she is the author of seven books and her work has appeared in numerous publications including salon, glamour, the huffington post, and the san francisco chronicle.

she is a coach a teacher and a writer. but above all she is “tender truth serum in human form.”

some things we talk about:

  • how to get from “stuck” to “unstuck”
  • sage advice on creating your brand
  • how being authentic in your art changes your life (and vice versa)
  • when and how you invite your reader/viewer in
  • abandoning success in search of her personal truth

you can learn more about laurie at 27powers.org

you can explore more brave and experimental artists and makers at the creativity habit

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