the power of telling the truth with michelle gardella


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Michelle Gardella is an internationally recognized photographer who hustled her way out of poverty to become one of the top 30 photographers in the world by Rangefinder Magazine and one of the top ten photographers in the US by Professional Photographers of America. Today Michelle is a truth-teller who uses her camera and her words to ferret out the false and showcase the real through her River Story Sessions and her writing. She has launched two successful Kickstarter campaigns, self-published her book River Story, and is currently working on her memoir.

Some things we talk about:

  • how to rise above a life of poverty and abuse to become one of the top 30 photographers in the world
  • photography as a truth-telling tool (coming out from behind the lens)
  • how your brokenness leads right into your beauty
  • launching her first, and second, successful Kickstarter campaign and
  • playing the game of social media as only a truth-teller can

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