the revolution has begun - with illustrator and women's advocate Amber Vittoria


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Amber is an illustrator who makes images of women all shapes and sizes. Hairy and big. Short and wide. Arms too long, legs too short. Women who are beautiful simply because they are women.

Amber's work has appeared on the cover of numerous publications including The New York Times Magazine, she's partnered with big names like Conde Nast, Man Repeller and Gucci and she sells her art all over the world.

All from taking a stand for what she believed in, resisting what she didn’t, and making art that is honest to who she is.

Some things we talk about are:

  • how to hustle and get your art out there even when no one’s heard of you or knows your work
  • the best practices to grow your Instagram following
  • disrupting a broken system
  • how to make your own success and create your own career

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